If You’re Not Exploring the Potential of Email Marketing, You Could be Missing Significant Sales & Profits

Whilst most of the media buzz about online marketing centres around social media and search engine dominance, it’s actually emails that account for the largest amount of activity.

In fact, during 2012 a staggering 144.8 BILLION emails were sent across the globe.

Compare that to just 3.3 billion web searches, 140 million Tweets and 60 million Facebook updates, it’s easy to the massive potential that exists to grow your business and increase profitability through the use of email broadcasting.

With that in mind, can you really afford not to be making the most of this opportunity?

Harness the power of emails

An email marketing campaign (or bulk email marketing) can be used in many different ways depending on your goals and objectives.

They can contain anything from product developments, hints and tips, to special offers, articles and case studies, allowing you to provide variety to your readers.

This wide range of content is great at generating significant website traffic and business enquiries.

Converting web traffic

Email communications can also help you convert website visitors that have found you, but are not yet ready to engage with you in a sales process.

By offering to keep them updated with news, hints, tips or advice, you’ll often find those visitors are happy to give you their email address.

Once you have that, you’re in a perfect position to use your email content to build a relationship with the visitor and direct them down a communications channel, hopefully to a potential sale.

Education through emails

A strategic, planned campaign of well-written email communications helps educate your prospective clients on the products or services you offer and more importantly, how they can benefit from them.

The emails also have the added benefit of increasing top of mind awareness, helping to create a level of trust and ultimately, increasing your chances of generating a sale.

How we can help you

At Results Corporation we have two different options to get you moving with email marketing:

1. Provision of an Email Marketing software package
We’ll provide you with our own bulk email software package, help you get set-up with a personalised template, help you get up to speed and then leave you handle your own campaigns and overall management of your account. We’ll also be on hand for any support as and when required.

2. A full email service, including strategy and content generation
If you don’t have the time, or the resources to take care of your email broadcasting, you can leave it all with us.

We’ll get you set-up with your own software account, including setting up your databases, getting your template ready and carrying out test to make sure everything works as it should.

We’ll then create a communication plan for you, take full control of the creation and transmission of emails, data management and reporting, plus we will advise you on what’s going on along the way.

Why work with Results Corporation?

Choosing to work with Results Corporation to maximise sales and revenue from emails gives you flexibility to choose how many emails you want to send a month and be charged accordingly.

We also only operate monthly packages so you are not tied down to an unnecessarily long contract.

Not only that, but years’ of experience helping businesses make a significant difference to their sales through email broadcasting, you can trust us to have the skills to get it right for you.

Our in-house email software package is a big part of that success and it’s key features include:

1. Creation of bespoke email templates in-keeping with your brand
2. Real-time reporting on a number of key performance indicators
3. Google Analytics integration for web traffic
4. Social media integration allowing you to link your social marketing
5. Expert back-up and support from an experienced team
6. Easy campaign scheduling for flexible sending

So, if you want to take your first step into email marketing, or you want to ramp up the effort you are currently putting into email broadcasting, call us now on 01536 747 310 to find out more.

Alternatively, send us your enquiry online and we’ll get back to you shortly.