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Whether you’re in manufacturing, wholesale, a profession, hospitality, retail, technology, training, education or distribution, our results based marketing techniques will apply to your business.

When you explore what Results Corporation has to offer, you’ll discover a whole new way of looking at your business, its possibilities and its potential. You’ll discover a new way of thinking that will change your approach to business forever.

If coming up with marketing initiatives, writing advertising, writing direct mail letters, developing sales systems and creating promotions are somewhat outside your comfort zone and core competencies, relax. You’re not alone. This is the case for most managing directors, senior partners, business owners and managers.

But having said that, these activities are vital to the growth and success of every business. And this is where we come in…

Results Corporation helps you devise and implement these vital initiatives. And works with you as they take effect, accelerating sales and boosting profits. Click here to contact us and find out how you can get started.

Indeed, the more we work together, the more you’ll discover the untapped possibilities and potential in your business. You’ll develop a new way of thinking that will change your approach to getting better bottom line results in business. Any business.

How can we make such a bold promise? It’s very straightforward when you understand this…

Most advertising, marketing, sales and promotion efforts and expenditure are wasted!

Most business growth efforts produce very little outcome, and evaporate into the ether.

And when nothing shows for your efforts and expenditure, you are led to believe that you “got your company name out there”, or that you raised the company’s profile and or you increased awareness.

And you’re expected to keep pouring thousands of pounds, month after month, year after year in pursuit of these aims. Don’t get us wrong. Of course, you need to be “out there” in the market, and you need a “profile”. But the hard truth is this…

Your strategies and efforts should have definable OUTCOMES, and you should see the impact of them immediately, through…

  • Increased client numbers and client or customer enquiry activity
  • Higher average sale values
  • More frequent purchasing patterns
  • Increased “conversion rates” of enquiries to sales
  • More repeat and referral business … and so on.

You can predict real and “bankable” OUTCOMES with a high degree of accuracy…

Typically, “mainstream” advertising agencies and marketing firms won’t tell you these facts. They may not want you to know them. But many decades of research have determined that you CAN predict (and expect) outcomes in your marketing:

  • Which advertisement will produce the most enquiries
  • What elements should go into a sales letter that stimulate positive action from the recipients
  • The “anatomy” of a brochure that is proven most effective
  • How to “re-engineer” your sales approach so you as much as double sales per appointment
  • What elements should NOT go into a proposal and what ones must
  • Direct mail campaigns and how to make them consistently successful
  • That there is a way of turning referrals into an automatic process that produces quality clients
  • That there is a “formula” for designing a powerful website

This of course, is just scratching the surface of what you can achieve, when you discover that “marketing” is not some art form. But rather, it is a very measurable, accountable … and PROFITABLE “science”.

What’s more, it has a multiplier effect. Impact positively on one area of your business and you improve profitability marginally. But when you combine specific techniques you can as much as double, triple, quadruple and more your outcomes.

Testing also shows that the most spectacular sales and profit improvements can often be realised for a fraction of the cost of “conventional” advertising, marketing, selling and promotion techniques.

Importantly, this is not “hearsay” or yet another marketing firm’s “big promise”.

Results Corporation is founded on two decades of experience, and extensive study, research and application, with literally thousands of clients across scores of industries and professions.

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