"With an exciting range of Hyperbaric Chambers and a very experienced team behind it, our business needed a way to significantly boost new enquires and sales. We asked Results Corporation to help us develop a marketing strategy that would capitalise on the strengths of our expertise, experience and strong product range in this market.

Since working with Results, we now have an exciting new marketing strategy that includes a new website, a Hyperbaric Chambers buyers guide, effective search engine marketing strategy and a prospect nurturing approach that is generating high levels of website traffic, a very good level of new enquiries (importantly, these are high quality enquiries) and conversion to new clients. It is refreshing working with a company that always put your business first. Haydn and the Results Corporation team really are experts in all areas of marketing. "

Peter Guimaraens - Managing Director Hyperbaric World Services

"Several years ago, following the initial success of Flint & Flame in the UK and the popularity of our beautiful range of knives, we decided to seek the support of Results Corporation in helping to create and deliver an effective marketing strategy for our customer database.

Results Corporation were tasked with producing an external communications plan that (like our product) exceeded the expectations of our loyal customers.

The support, professionalism and creativity of the Results Corporation team has been fundamental to the growth and return on investment we now see from this route to market, and sales growth and customer satisfaction is high as a consequence. Feedback from our customers, as well as the raw sales data clearly show that Results Corporations’ guidance is rightly at the very centre of the strategy that ensured we hit the right mix of sales and informational content to maintain the customers interest in our business as a whole.

In addition, and as the consequence of the hands-on style of the Results team supporting us, we have the ability to react as we manage our inventory, chef relationships and other media exposure to further ensure that our message is always current and relevant to opportunities and our customers’ needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Results Corporation to any small business who have a passion for ensuring customers are highly satisfied, report positively their experience to others and crucially, return to buy over and over again."

Steven Mould - Co-founder Flint & Flame

"In Vistage we are always looking for ‘take-aways’ from speakers - great ideas that we can apply to our business. Haydn gave us a truck load. It was tremendous. His Marketing Machine presentation makes so much sense and is at the heart of what real world marketing is all about. Logical, sensible, insightful and very, very valuable."

Ivan Goldberg – Vistage Chair

"Since we have working with Results Corporation we have benefited greatly from the power of information. I have always misunderstood marketing as just designing adverts etc and never really got involved with the huge array of metrics that are considered and of course delivered.

By using this information I can safely say (I have the data to prove it!) that our sales enquiries have risen both in number and quality. All driven by a superb website that is managed and driven by your company so I don’t have the headache. The automation provided is superb."

Stephen Hunt - Exel Technology Group Limited

"After wasting a lot of money on website designers working with Results Corporation has been like night and day, to say the least. The team have no only given great service, but they have shown initiative and have come up with design Ideas that have made what was a potential mine-field of mistakes into a wonderful, smooth flowing website that is future proofed and built in a way that is expandable for future growth. Our experience has been flawless and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a trouble free experience while at the same time, keeping to a budget."

Neville Cox - HouseandPool.com.au

"Working with Results Corporation, in the last two years The White Swan has twice increased room rates, boosted occupancy by 15 per cent and increased turnover by 25 per cent, all within the marketing budget"

Victor Buchanan - The White Swan Hotel & Restaurant

"I'll admit that I was cynical at first - the claims about ways I could double my turnover ... it seemed too good to be true - but it works - make no mistake! In the 4 years that we have been working with Results, our turnover has increased 4 fold"

Gavin Ucko – The Happy Puzzle Company

"I have been working for years with one of the most powerful and yet tough to pull off concepts that Jay Abraham promotes - the development of a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Results Corporation’s Haydn Rowe recently presented a process that enabled me to not only create my USP, but to test it against criteria that makes it both powerful and lasting."

Michael Basch, Co-founder - Federal Express

"Many consultants simply tell you what to do and let you get on with it. Your hands on and pro-active approach was very refreshing, especially as we had no marketing resource and work had to be shared out between several colleagues.

But you kept us on a task whilst appreciating we had many other commitments (there was a recession well under way by this time of course), and now looking back, it is amazing what we have achieved – updated web site increasingly generating traffic, client nurturing strategies in place, improved sales techniques, mailing and information campaigns, a renewed approach to advertising, and much more. It has not cost us a fortune and our return on investment (which we can now measure) is well in excess of satisfactory, and we will of course continue to get the benefits of this investment for many years to come.

All this has all helped create momentum and a new vigor within the business to generate enquiries and increase sales. We are now very well placed to achieve both our short and long term growth objectives despite the worst economic climate for a generation."

Tony Passmore, Managing Director - B&K Passmore

"Thank you for the work you've done to create three excellent websites."

Richard Watters, National Property Group

"Just a quick note to say you guys are doing a great job, which ultimately means Simon Tailby is doing a great job, he always calls me when we agree and is prompt with return calls, emails and getting back to me with promised information / reports and tasked work.

I know I am a demanding client (probably more than most) and want to know the ins and outs of everything and quite often test Simon’s patience but he is always a true professional and tackles this with, skill, reasoning, honesty and integrity.

Thank you for your support."

Simon Stokes, Managing Director - Assured Fire & Security

"Owning a hotel on an island in the Hebrides can have its challenges! We formed a strategic alliance with our local ferry service, and then created a Special Offer to our database using a mixture of online marketing and direct mail, offering to pay guests' ferry fares for bookings in our off-peak winter season. With costs of under £1000, the offer has so far generated over £20,000 revenue at what is usually a very quiet time of year. We're also seeing significantly higher volumes of traffic and bookings via our website."

Richard Nealon, The Western Isles Hotel

"Our main source of new business leads used to be telesales. We were paying £100 a day for someone to cold-call prospects and set up appointments, and generating 1-2 leads every couple of months. We created a free guide to Corporate Catering Tenders and advertised it using Google AdWords. In 6 weeks we've had half a dozen enquiries resulting in 2 solid leads, for a spend of just £310.92!"

Nick Parker, Bite Catering

"We've taken their proven approach to marketing and built it into everything we do - from our website and AdWords marketing to our sales letters, brochures and customer nurturing systems - and it continues to deliver results even today. It's great to work with a marketing company that's focused on measurable results rather than just glossy ads and 'getting our name out there.'"

Tommy Rose, Barnet Window Company

"Since launching our new website 8 weeks ago we've seen an immediate increase in sales leads, which have lead to 5 new clients, 3 of which have real potential for developing into long term clients. The whole process was very professional, well managed and very focused on creating a website that met the needs of our clients and our business. We feel confident that the new website will take our already very successful business to the next level."

Mark Hunt, Hunters Solutions

"We've only been running the campaign for 9 weeks. We've had a flood of enquires, and already one of those has turned into an order worth £14,400... all with a budget of less than £300 a month."

Ian Leigh - Banaglaze

"The new website brings all the brands together and provides for significant cross-selling opportunities. The call centre is receiving record numbers of enquiries from customers as a result of the awareness created by the website."

Myhome International

"The website that you built for us is doing an amazing job. I am so busy with the work that it generates I barely have time to think about updating the site. We are getting leads from all over the country."

Sue Radcliffe, John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd