Website Design

In today’s Internet-aware society, a great looking website is a must for any successful company.

But when you want to market your business for growth, a website that looks fantastic is only part of the solution.

Results Corporation’s team of marketing experts and copywriters work alongside some of the best web designers and search engine optimisers in the industry, to create sites that not only look great, but that function as finely-tuned online marketing tools, earning their keep by actively promoting businesses and attracting new clients. You can see examples of websites that we have developed here.

When you work with Results Corporation to build your website, we’ll start by creating truly compelling copy, which really inspires potential clients. Whether the aim is to make sales, acquire contacts, give information or create credibility for your business, great copy is at the heart of attracting, and retaining, visitors to your site.

And once the copy is complete, the designers get to work.

Drawing from your own ideas and suggestions as well as their own experience and expertise, they’ll create the visual element of the site – carefully refining everything from the choice of colours to how the menus interact, and where the graphics best fit.

Online retail checkouts, forms to gather contact details and any other elements you require can all be integrated into the design, resulting in a website that looks great, but is so much more than just eye candy!

A traffic magnet…

As well as finely optimised copy, and carefully structured keywords that ensure your website performs to its full potential on Search Engine queries, we can create fully customised online advertisement campaigns. They’ll call people who are searching for the products and services you provide to action – driving them to visit your site.


High visitor numbers look great on paper, but mean nothing if the people seeing your site don’t convert. Using carefully crafted and highly optimised landing pages that deliver the most relevant information to your visitors, your website will actively generate “conversions” – whether that be online sales, or requests for more information. And with software built in to track these conversions, you’ll know exactly where your leads are coming from and where to focus more of your marketing budget for the biggest return.

You’re in full control…

Every website designed and built by the Results Corporation team can feature a fully functioning Content Management System. This allows you to alter your website in real time, whenever you need to.

You can add pages, remove pages, change the copy, even insert pictures – all via a user-friendly interface that means never having to pay a web developer to alter your site again!

As well as keeping details correct, or promoting new products or services, this means you can keep your customers right up to date with the latest special offers, promotions, or need-to-know news. And when your site is constantly up to date, your customers will visit again and again!

Already Online?

If you already have a website, but always suspected it could be working harder for you, then Results Corporation can help with this too!

Using the same strategic copy, optimisation techniques and online advertising we use to build a site from scratch, we’ll turn your site into a high-performing sales and leads generator which will really pull its weight.

For more information on how Results Corporation can build you a great looking website like these that really serves your business, or to find out about any of our other services, simply click here to contact us, or call us direct on 01536 747 310.

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