Everything from a Brochure, a Flyer or a Letter to a Full eCommerce Website

Having agreed what you need, your objectives are clearly defined and, provided we all agree that your objectives are achievable (that it’s the right strategy to invest in) we will complete the brief and begin your project.

The key to a successful project is to begin with the end in mind, knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve. It’s then simply a case of working through each step in turn…

  • What is the target market you’re aiming at?
  • What is that they want from a product or service such as yours?
  • Is it a single phase strategy (one contact) or a multiple and progressive strategy (multiple contacts)?
  • What does the copy need to achieve in order to get the response you need?
  • What sort of design, if any, is needed?
  • What quality should the paper stock be (if it is paper based)?
  • What else needs to be added to leverage maximum return on your investment?

Once these and a myriad of additional questions are answered clearly and with accuracy, your project can begin in earnest.

  • Professional copywriters can get to work, chosen for their particular skills relevant to your project
  • Designers can be briefed
  • Strategists can test various elements
  • Search Engine Optimisation Professionals, Google AdWords Professionals and Web Design Architects can begin their research and outline structures

Once your Special Project is underway, you’re kept ‘in the loop’ at all points to ensure that the finished product will deliver on your agreed outcomes.

So, what ever you need from a professionally written sales letter to an all singing and dancing complex website… contact us now to find exactly how we can help you to achieve your real objectives.