Do You Have a Great Business but Need Some Help to Realise Your True Potential?

It can be extremely frustrating to work hard in your business, but fail to realise your true potential.

You don’t maximise your sales and that means you don’t maximise your profits.

The problem is that you work too close to your own business.

You can’t see your business from the outside looking in and that means you can’t clearly see where improvements can be made.

Revenue Opportunity Diagnostic

If you’ve read this far, the chances are you’re a business owner with ambition.

You want to achieve the dreams you set out when you first started and you want to become more successful and more profitable.

If that’s the case, a Revenue Opportunity Diagnostic is the perfect first step towards achieving those goals and ambitions.

What is it?

It’s a complete day, spent with a specialist Results Corporation Coach, putting your business under the microscope.

By doing this, we’re able to bring clarity to your sales and marketing process, allowing you to see clearly what you are doing and how it’s working.

No guessing, no estimating, just facts that help you make solid decisions.

Likewise, our diagnostic process also allows us to highlight areas of wastage ion your business. Marketing that appears to be performing on the surface, could actually be costing you dearly.

To experience the business changing affects of a Revenue Opportunity Analysis requires an investment of £1,500 + VAT and travel expenses.

You can book your day by calling us on 01536 747 310, or alternatively, you can send us your details online and we’ll get back to you.

What do I get for my investment?

You will have a specialist Results Corporation Consultant, or Coach, working with you in your business for a day, during which time they will…

  • Analyse the key areas of your business relevant to selling in order to identify exactly where your best opportunities and areas of potential are.
  • Identify where your current strategies and processes are wasting your money and resources.
  • Brainstorm with you and your team to explore the way in which you educate your prospects and your clients to understand and appreciate exactly why they should buy from you.
  • Map your existing sales process from enquiry to sale to pinpoint strategic areas of need.
  • Review and critique a cross section of your marketing and sales materials that are sent to your existing and prospective clients.
  • Establish a Revenue Plan that shows you where you are now, where it is that you want to be and breaking down how many new clients at the average current spend you need to be in order to achieve that.
  • Outline an Action Plan making recommendations as to what needs to be done to achieve the increase in sales that you want or need.

After the day spent with you and your key team, your Results Corporation Coach will deliver a summary report giving you all the observations the findings and the recommendations necessary to effect your increase.

They will also provide you with your personalised Action Plan, detailing the required marketing actions to be taken, in order of priority, in order to meet your goals and objectives.

Making changes happen

Once you know what you should be doing, and how to approach making it all work efficiently, you’ll be keen to get started.

Whilst that might appear daunting at first, we’ll be on hand to provide extra support and guidance whilst you find your feet.

You’ll receive three months of professional assistance to help you to implement the recommendations according to your Action Plan.This will be in the form of our Marketing Help Programme, which gives you unrestricted access to professional advisers via the telephone and email in order for them to ‘walk you through’ the processes that will give you greater success in your sales.

All this will serve to help you to build and implement some simple and highly effective strategies and processes that will increase your sales and your profits.

What’s more, you’ll be helped every step of the way by professionals in marketing and sales, helping you build your business strategically and profitably.

To book your Revenue Opportunity Diagnostic, call us today on 01536 747 310 or alternatively, send us your enquiry online and we’ll be in touch.