Marketing Automation

If your business has a high, predictable and regular flow of new leads that need to be followed up on, nurtured and converted into new customers – then marketing automation may be the ideal next step.

Marketing automation is a powerful CRM and email system that allows you to automatically execute marketing follow up campaigns and sequences to…

  • eliminate routine tasks
  • increase productivity
  • increase conversion rates
  • lower the cost of acquisition
  • win more customers
  • boost sales revenue
  • and increase growth!

Why Use Automated Marketing?

Let’s be clear, marketing automation is not for everyone – it works best when your lead or enquiry flow is of a sufficient volume, is stable and is for a standardised product or service.

The reason you need this ‘volume’ is simple – like all automation, automated marketing takes a lot of initial effort, time and investment, so you need the volume and standardised approach to get the payoff.

Think of it like making a car – it makes sense to have a fully automated production line when you are making many hundreds of thousands of the same model of car just as Tesla have begun to do.

But it makes no sense to create an automated production line for Formula 1 race cars, where each one is different from the last and the volumes are low.

Marketing Automation is Revolutionary

Surprisingly, not much changes in marketing – the big changes of the last 30 years have been databases, mail merging technology, websites, Google, email broadcasting, some social media and now marketing automation.

Automated marketing is a genuine step change – for the right circumstances.

Four out of five users say that they saw their leads increase, through the use of marketing automation software and 77% of users saw an increase in conversions.

How Does It Work?

Marketing Automation helps your business by identifying and nurturing the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

It allows you to design, create and implement an automated sequence of actions based on triggers and choices made by your prospects.

These actions can include emails, phone calls, direct mail, meetings, demonstrations and long-term nurturing communications.


Today there are some fantastic automated marketing systems available.

The two that we use most are…

Infusionsoft – this is probably the most powerful automated marketing system available.

An all-in-one platform with a huge array of features such as being able to programme campaign sequences, manage contacts and data effectively, personalising tailored content to send to your prospects, segmentation, calendar and task management, lead scoring, and many more…

When you need a full-featured system with lots of capability, Infusionsoft is our platform of choice.

NewZapp – we have worked with NewZapp for years. Known for providing one of the UK’s leading email broadcasting systems, they have recently added marketing automation to their impressive email platform. We use NewZapp where the requirements are simpler – it is easier to use than Infusionsoft, faster to set up and more economical, but it is limited to the more basic features.

Both are excellent platforms, each has a specific role to play based on the volume of leads, the complexity of your campaigns and sequences and your long-term requirements.

Making Automated Marketing Work for You

You’ve probably heard of the term GIGO?

It’s an old programming word and means “garbage in, garbage out”! In other words, with powerful tools like these, you need to make sure that you’re automating excellence.

If you automate poorly designed campaigns and sequences, badly written emails and marketing materials, poor sales practice and if you start with the wrong objectives, targeting and strategy – then you are just building a system that will waste your money faster.

Our expertise is (and has always been) in designing winning Marketing Machine strategies – backed up by highly effective collateral (copy, offers, design).

We know what it takes to get prospects to engage with and ultimately buy from your business. And we know how to create the right strategy, backed with the best tactics to achieve the best results.

We bring this expertise and experience to the table when we design, build and run automated marketing systems for our clients.

This means, you are able to automate excellence, high performance and a winning approach.

That’s something worth automating!

Your Next Step

Our team of marketing automation experts will help you identify the best system for your business AND develop the right campaigns, sequences and collateral. This allows you to create more leads, effectively nurture your leads and convert them into long term, profitable customers – and at the same time, deliver the very real-time and staff cost savings that automation can offer.

This means you get the best of both worlds – highly effective marketing AND the lowest ongoing operating costs.

If used properly, and for the right situation, marketing automation can be super effective…

10 Reasons why you should choose an automated marketing system:

  1. Reduction of staff costs
  2. Increased revenue
  3. Time Saving by automating repetitive actions
  4. Measurable results – reporting of what communications produce the best results
  5. Targeting potential customers across different channels
  6. Customer segmentation
  7. Personalised messages and tailored content to your list
  8. Refines and optimises your marketing processes
  9. Increased customer engagement
  10. Schedule communications and campaigns ahead of time

Would you like to find out if your company can benefit from Marketing Automation?

If you are thinking of investing in an automated marketing system, or if you have any questions regarding marketing automation, simply click here to contact us, or you can call us on 01536 310 747.