Graphic Design

When you want people to get your message, eye-catching presentation can make all the difference.

We’re all bombarded with messages every day, from sticky yellow notes on our desks to giant hoarding adverts, T.V. and radio.

Purposefully and strategically created copy is critical in inspiring your audience to act on your information – but grabbing their attention and inspiring them to read the message requires yet another skill set.

Results Corporation’s team of professional graphic designers have years of experience in creating the perfect “packaging” in which to wrap your message.  Whatever we’re creating, you’ll see a design that perfectly compliments the message – attracting the reader’s attention without over-powering the true purpose of the piece: to make your customers do business with you.

Results Corporation’s designers can create professional designs in a wide variety of media, including:

  • Web pages – In the fast-paced online environment, a website that stands out from the crowd will get you noticed. And our designs are created to aid the optimisation process that will ensure your site is a success.
  • Packaged information – Creating a guide to what your business does is a great way to attract customers: and having one that looks fantastic will ensure it delivers the maximum impact.
  • Adverts – From Yellow Pages and local press to glossy magazines, our proven design techniques will create the best possible return on your advertising budget.
  • Business cards – Even the humble business card can be used as a powerful marketing tool. A design that reflects the quality of your business will keep your card at the top of the pile.

Our designers are experts in their field, but they understand that nobody knows your business like you do. You live it and breathe it, day in, day out – and so it’s your inspiration that starts the design process. We’ll ask you for examples of designs you like (and designs you don’t), your preferences for colour, and even the photographs you like – and from your suggestions we’ll create designs that not only look fantastic, but that compliment your own ideas about how your business should be presented.

For more information on how Results Corporation’s graphic designers can create inspirational designs that give your marketing collateral the greatest impact, or to find out about any of our other services, simply call us direct on 01536 747 310, or email