At the heart of any truly successful marketing strategy is inspirational copy.

Great copy grabs a reader’s attention, stimulates their interest, answers their questions, and inspires them to action – whether that action is to make a purchase, request more information, or part with their contact details for further marketing exercises.

Results Corporation have worked hard to carefully refine the art of copywriting: testing and measuring the impact of each and every element, from the headline to the post script, to find the most powerful combination.

And the techniques we use can be applied to whole host of different media, giving you the benefit of truly compelling copy which can be put in front of your target market in a wide variety of formats. Among many others, your marketing campaign would include:

  • Sales Letters – Whether it’s a physical product, an appointment to call or a special promotion, our copy is specially composed to avoid the usual fate of unsolicited mail! Using powerful headlines and copy that in the words of our founder, Chris Newton, “sells the sizzle, not the steak”, you’ll get the highest possible return on your sales message.
  • Web Pages – Highly optimised web pages mean greater numbers of visitors to your site. But if they’re not captivated by what they read on arrival, they won’t stick around. So every page begins with copy carefully designed to draw the reader in.
  • Advertorials – Running an advert in a newspaper or magazine can be an expensive exercise, with unpredictable results. By creating adverts that mimic the editorial style of the publication it’s possible to lend a greater degree of credibility to the message, which can lead to a much higher return on your investment.
  • Referral Systems – We all know how great it is when a client comes to us by referral. You can take control of your own client acquisition by adopting a strategy of actively seeking these referrals – but getting your clients to pass on your details takes a carefully crafted message! Our tried and tested referral requests can get you new business just when you need it most!

By utilizing proven copywriting techniques across a wide range of media, Results Corporation will ensure that your message goes out loud and clear. And by ensuring that every campaign is clearly targeted at those who are most likely to do business with you, you’ll see measurable results in the form of increased enquiries and sales.

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