Working with Results Corporation

When it comes to creating a Marketing Machine for your business there are three ways of working with Results Corporation.

Creating Your Marketing Machine – your options…

1. Marketing Machine – Design, Build & Operate

For some of our clients, we create, implement and operate their entire Marketing Machine for them.

This means that every aspect of their marketing is done by our team, for them – almost like an outsourced marketing department (but better).

For example, we…

  • Design the Marketing Machine – we complete a thorough diagnostic of the current marketing and marketing requirement, and from this, we design and scope the best Marketing Machine model for their business.
  • Infrastructure – we then set up the infrastructure required, such as the website, email broadcasting system, databases and CRM, and automated marketing systems.
  • Create Collateral – we create the collateral such as copy for the website, we write the nurturing emails, sales emails and email newsletters, we design and write the brochures, flyers, direct mail, we create Packaged Information guides and follow up conversion systems.
  • Technologies and Systems – we set up, run and manage the technologies and systems that come together to create your Marketing Machine, including Google AdWords, Google Analytics and automated marketing systems such as Infusionsoft.
  • Operate – we run it for you. We make sure that communications plans are developed and executed with emails and mailings going out when they should and that they are executed in a way that maximises performance. We stay on top of things like Google AdWords, updating your website and Google Analytics. We drive it all forward and ensure that the right things are developed, in place and running at their optimum performance levels.
  • Measure and Report – we set up and create regular KPI reports so you can see how things are working. This enables all of us to make good decisions and gives you the tools to expand and grow your business.
  • Manage and Develop – even though a Marketing Machine ‘is for life, not just for Christmas’, markets change, competitors respond, you launch new products and services, acquire new businesses and expand your markets. We work with you to constantly develop, fine tune and manage your Marketing Machine.

2. Marketing Machine – Design, Build & Support

For some clients, we create their Marketing Machine, but they choose to operate it themselves with our support for review and development.

In this scenario – we do many of the things outlined above, but you and your team do some of the setup and implementation (with our guidance).

Your team operate the Marketing Machine (with the possible exception of some high skill areas like Google AdWords, where less than ‘top of your game’ skills can cost you dearly) and they also measure and report.

Once complete, our ongoing role is to assist you and your team to manage and develop your Marketing Machine.

This option reduces your investment with us and takes full advantage of your existing team and resources.

3. Marketing Machine – Design & Support

This can be very successful when you have the time and energy to devote ‘in-house’ yourself or with your existing marketing team.

We focus on the areas that absolutely require our high-level skills and capability.

For example, we design and ‘scope’ your Marketing Machine as above and based on the diagnostic, however the implementation will be shared depending on what expertise and resource you can bring to the table.

As well as being ideal for businesses where the owner or senior management team want to be more involved, or where you have an existing marketing team who need leadership, direction and guidance – this is an economical approach as you provide many of the resources, just engaging Results Corporation for the high-level support.

This can be a very low-cost way to work with Results Corporation’s team, meaning you get access to big business expertise, guidance and support for a fraction of the cost.

Whatever option is right for you, the first step is usually to complete a diagnostic – what we call the Revenue Opportunities Diagnostic.

To find out more about creating a Marketing Machine for your business contact us or call on 01536 747310.

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