Why Results Corporation?

Since our inception in the 1980s, we have focussed relentlessly on identifying ‘what works’ in marketing.

We don’t focus on the big companies and the big company case studies that make the headlines, we dig deep to the ‘real world’ of smaller businesses that need their marketing to produce results.

And who need it to work with limited budgets, with limited resources and while they are busy growing and developing in all sorts of ways.

Over that time, we’ve run many thousands of tests with all types of businesses – large and small, manufacturers, professionals, hospitality, distributors, retailers, wholesalers in hundreds of different industries – all over the planet.

This huge body of work, underpinned by our ‘Results’ philosophy and our relentless focus on creating a Marketing Machine (not just running a few clever campaigns) means that when you work with Results Corporation you are working with a team who have…

  • Immense Experience – which means you get real world advice and guidance, that is focussed on marketing that works
  • World-Class Skills – we develop awesome marketing with our clients day in, day out – whether it’s old school direct mail or bang up to the minute complex marketing automation systems, we’re right on top of it
  • True Expertise – we know what works and crucially, what doesn’t. This gets (and keeps) you on track and avoids wasting time and money
  • Track Record – we don’t just talk about creating a Marketing Machine, we’ve done it countless times (some of our clients are still successfully running systems we developed with them more than a decade ago)
  • A Practical Approach – because we mainly work with small and medium sized businesses, we’re great at finding practical, low cost solutions and technologies, we know that resources are precious

In short, working with Results Corporation means you can take your ‘Glob’ of cobbled together marketing activities and turn it into a finely tuned, high performance Marketing Machine.

You’ll get 100% clarity of what you need to do, we’ll help you with the what, when, and how of implementing awesome marketing tailored to your business.

We cut through the marketing fog, and help you to…

  • Identify what isn’t working – so you can cut the waste, freeing up valuable resource
  • Figure out what is working so you can 10x it – ramping up results quickly
  • Work out what’s missing – so you can fill the gaps and optimise your results
  • Measure and fine tune it – so you get the absolute maximum from your marketing for your business
  • Say no – to every bright and shiny new marketing toy or opportunity that comes along that isn’t likely to work, doesn’t fit into your Marketing Machine, isn’t 100% targeted at your audience and is merely a ‘good’ thing to do, rather than the best thing.
  • Keep on track – we work with you for the long term to keep you on track, growing and thriving.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who has invested more in developing such a huge range of marketing knowledge, expertise, skills and such wide experience than the team behind Results Corporation.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to develop mastery, when you work with Results corporation you’re choosing a team with 100,000 hours plus – that’s 10x mastery.

To find out more about creating a Marketing Machine for your business contact us or call on 01536 747310.

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