What is a Marketing Machine?

A Marketing Machine turns £1 of marketing investment into £10, £20, £30 or £50 of profitable revenue.

And it does it consistently day in, day out, month in, month out – for years.

Creating a Marketing Machine is about taking what we refer to as a ‘Glob’ of loosely (or not at all) connected marketing activities and engineering a high-performance Marketing Machine.

Your Marketing Machine will have four crucial elements, each working in harmony together…

  • a strategic approach to generating new prospects

  • a finely tuned sales process

  • a highly profitable prospect nurturing system

  • and a client nurturing system that drives the long-term value that every client brings to your business.

Creating a Marketing Machine starts with the right philosophical foundations – the right thinking.

A Marketing Machine is…

  • Strategic – never campaign or event-driven

  • Results focused – everything is optimised to deliver profitable outcomes

  • Targeted – at a very clearly defined set of prospects and clients

  • Focused on the prospect – it’s a seamless experience from ‘cold to sold’

  • Super effective – it deploys world-class, proven tactics

  • Measurable – measurement is a cornerstone of success

  • Process driven – so it’s repeatable, sustainable and manageable

  • Successful – it’s based on tried and tested techniques, measured and optimised

  • Long Term – yes things change, but not that quickly, once built your Marketing Machine should keep working for years ahead

  • The Best – it utilises the best, most appropriate and most effective marketing for your business, it eliminates the mediocre, the poor and even the ‘good’

A Marketing Machine is not…

  • About “getting your name out there” – poor marketing is too often justified with these weasel words

  • Creating awareness – you can’t bank awareness, it doesn’t pay the bills

  • An event or a campaign – a one off, creating the need for a constant stream of new ideas

  • About Design – yes design is important, but objectives, targeting, strategy, a compelling proposition, offers, your call to action are more important, much more important

  • Explained away with the words – “you can’t really measure that”

  • Hard to measure – if you can’t measure it, don’t do it

  • A ‘good’ thing to do – good is the enemy of best

  • Based on opinions – the only opinions that count are the customers

  • Based on the ‘next big thing’ – let someone else waste their time chasing the next big thing, use to the fullest the current big and best ‘things’

  • Built around gimmicks, humour or quirkiness – it uses tested and proven techniques

  • About trying to win awards – the best award is a profitable, growing and successful business

To find out more about creating a Marketing Machine for your business contact us or call on 01536 747310.

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