Getting Started – Creating Your Marketing Machine

Do you have a great business but need some help to realise your true potential?

When you sense (or know) that your business is capable of more, it can be extremely frustrating to invest and work hard in your business but fail to realise your true potential because your marketing lets you down.

It’s even more frustrating when you aren’t certain of what needs to be done about it – when you’re not certain about the precise changes that need to be made to get your marketing working.

It may be that the problem is that you work too closely to your own business?

Marketing Machine – Revenue Opportunity Diagnostic

Our Revenue Opportunity Diagnostic may be the best first step towards achieving your business goals and ambitions.

What is it?

Run by a Results Corporation specialist, a Marketing Machine Revenue Opportunities Diagnostic puts your business, and specifically your marketing, under the microscope.

We travel to your business and spend the best part of a day (it normally takes between 6 to 7 hours to complete – but there is no time limit) working with you to…

  • Understand your Business – an overview
  • Understand your Objectives – what must your Marketing Machine help you to achieve
  • Understand Resources – what resources do you have in place already
  • Be Aware of any Issues – what could hold you back, or disrupt the plans we make with you
  • Review and Analyse your Current Marketing Strategy, Activities and Collateral – this typically includes reviewing the following information…
    • Database(s)
    • Website(s)
    • Google Analytics
    • Email Broadcasting (if used) – Newsletters, Articles etc.
    • Direct Mail Letters
    • Ads
    • Brochures
    • Prospecting Emails/Letters
    • Sales Emails/Letters
    • Sales Presentation
    • Quotes/Proposals
    • And whatever other marketing materials you have, or reports that you generate on your current marketing activity.
  • Identify and Review your best Marketing Opportunitiesto add, cut or accelerate
  • Plan and Prioritise Opportunities – what will it take to create your Marketing Machine
  • Discuss and Agree Next Steps

This format allows us to get to the heart of identifying the best opportunities for your business.

And the end of the day, you will have a very clear understanding of the best opportunities to improve your marketing results for your business and a plan for moving forward.

This will include…

  1. New strategies and approaches to test
  2. Ways to enhance the returns you get from your current marketing and sales activity
  3. What to stop spending money and effort on
  4. A plan and the order of priority that you should apply to the opportunities identified as we work together to develop your Marketing Machine
  5. An overview of how to implement the strategies identified
  6. How to create your Marketing Machine

Making Change Happen

To find out more about creating a Marketing Machine for your business contact us or call on 01536 747310.

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