Winning Bid Master Class Case Study

Winning Bid Master Class is the brainchild of founders Clive and Stephanie Goulding.

Drawing on Clive’s years of experience in bid writing, and meticulous research and development, they created a world-class bid writing system for companies bidding for large infrastructure, construction and consultancy projects.

Today, they deliver master class programmes for leading British and global organisations such as British Gas, Atkins, Kier Construction, Interserve, Amey, Costain, Balfour Beatty and Capita who spend millions preparing and writing bids for projects worth many tens and hundreds of millions.


After using a database of contacts and direct mail to successfully launch the business Winning Bid Master Class (WBMC) approached Results Corporation in 2013 to help them expand their business and increase their lead flow.

At the time they were exploring the idea of adding email broadcasting to their direct mail promotions, to generate more leads and to sell more master class sessions.

Over a relatively short period of time, as we discussed ideas and the potential of the business, it became clear to WBMC that they need much more than the ability to send a few ‘email blasts’ alongside their direct mail.

They understood very quickly that they could create a Marketing Machine that would educate and inspire their database – switching them onto the ideas and systems that WBMC could bring to their organisation.

They understood that it could be a way to generate new business from ‘cold’ contacts and to win more repeat business from existing clients.

Winning Bid Master Class Marketing Machine

Working with WBMC, Results Corporation designed, developed and today operate a Marketing Machine for WBMC. Here’s how it developed…

  • A Marketing Machine mindset – the real starting point was adopting the key Marketing Machine thinking of strategically investing in a list of prospects and clients through educating, inspiration AND long-term nurturing – the mindset of ‘giving to get’. The Marketing Machine communications strategy was designed to create a lot of value for prospects by offering highly valuable snippets of WBMC intellectual property (impressive how to’s, hints and tips and techniques), case studies and a valuable free guide. This mindset shift, has been at the heart of the growth and success of the WBMC Marketing Machine success story.
  • Communications Plan – at the heart of the Marketing Machine model for WBMC is the prospect and client nurturing Communications Plan. This is based on a rolling series of planned high value emails based on inspirational, educational and ‘hints and tips’ content interspersed with some sales email. It also includes several direct mail campaigns each year.
  • Email Broadcast System – to enable the Marketing Machine communications plan we set up a high-quality UK based email broadcast system with a templated email format to match the WBMC website. This allows us to easily create, send and track all emails broadcast and to provide strong KPI reporting.
  • Packaged Information – based on existing collateral that WBMC had developed, Results Corporation suggested and supported WBMC to publish a valuable ‘Bid Writers Top Tips’ guide. This ‘Packaged Information’ approach has proven to be an essential ingredient in the WBMC Marketing Machine and is responsible for high levels of engagement with prospects through the communications plan and website visitors.
  • Website – as a key destination for prospect considering booking a master class, WBMC consulted with Results Corporation on ways to enhance and further develop the website.
  • Direct Mail – this continues to play a key role in the overall Marketing Machine, being used at key times of the year when prospects are more likely to be “open to buy”. This supports and enhances the ‘constant contact’ that email communications play in delivering results.
  • Making it Happen – WBMC at first relied on Results Corporation for advice and guidance, but soon requested that Results Corporation assume all responsibility for planning, developing and operating their Marketing Machine, taking advantage of our ‘Created and Operated for You’ service. With no in-house marketing team, they rely on Results Corporation to execute the Marketing Machine.

What Happened Next?

Since setting up and running the Marketing Machine model WMBC have seen a significant increase in additional master class booking from prospects and customers alike.

What is especially pleasing is the high level of repeat and referral business (testament to the high regard that participants have for the master class) that comes from nurturing the relationships with clients.

Another notable outcome from the Marketing Machine is prospects who approach WBMC to book after watching ‘from afar’ through the communications that they receive. Even though this can sometimes take months (or even a year or two) to materialise every email, every letter, every website visit and every guide request brings the prospect closer to WBMC and the day when they send the email or make the call to book the master class.

The relationship has evolved from Results Corporation helping with using email broadcasting to today where we run it all for WBMC based on an annual plan is that is agreed in advance and executed by the team at Results Corporation.


To find out more about creating a Marketing Machine for your business contact us or call on 01536 747310.

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