Exel Technology Group Case Study

Exel Technology Group Ltd (ETGL) are based in Mansfield and are an exclusive reseller of the iCabbi taxi dispatch system in the UK.


In 2016 Richard Moore the CEO of ETGL approached Results Corporation after attending two of our ‘Creating a Marketing Machine’ workshops.

Richard asked us to develop a strategy for marketing iCabbi to taxi firms across the UK.

At that point, ETGL had a database of a few hundred existing customers (for an older taxi dispatch system) and a database of 5,000 prospects, but there was no cohesive strategy in place to ramp up lead generation to the required level.

The sales team had mainly been focussed on selling iCabbi to clients with the older system, but now needed to start to attack the ‘cold market’.

With new leads averaging just 15 per month, ETGL wanted to significantly increase the monthly flow of new leads to increase sales opportunities with new prospects and to grab a higher share of the UK market.

ETGL iCabbi Marketing Machine

Working with the ETGL Management team, Results Corporation designed and developed a Marketing Machine for marketing the iCabbi dispatch system in the UK.

This included…

  • A Marketing Machine Strategy – we developed a strategy to attract a significantly greater number of new prospects to the business, combined with a plan to nurture and develop the relationship with these new prospects and previous customers through to conversion to becoming iCabbi customers. The Marketing Machine Strategy was designed to create a lot of value for prospects by offering a credible Buyers Guide to attract them and convert them to database contacts, and to educate, inspire and nurture them through a long-term nurturing and conversion plan supported by a highly informative new UK website.
  • Prospect Nurturing – central to the Marketing Machine model for ETGL is the prospect nurturing and conversion element, as ETGL already had a prospect database of 5,000, designing and implementing this was a key focus from day one. This is based on a rolling Communications Plan, sending prospects a series of high value emails based on inspirational, educational and ‘hints and tips’ content interspersed with some sales emails. These are supported with the occasional direct mail campaign. This prospect nurturing communications stream is at the heart of the ETGL Marketing Machine.
  • An Email Broadcast System – we set up a high quality, UK-based email broadcasting system with a templated email format matching the new website to facilitate email broadcasts and to provide strong KPI reporting.
  • A new Website – during the initial diagnostic phase of the project, the need for a new UK focussed and UK specific website was identified. This allowed ETGL to implement very specific UK lead generation strategies backed up with unique and specific UK features, benefits, case studies and information (for example a UK blog).
  • Packaged Information – working with the ETGL team, Results Corporation planned, wrote and published a highly valuable taxi dispatch system buyers guide. This ‘Packaged Information’ approach has proven to be an essential ingredient in the iCabbi Marketing Machine, and is responsible for high levels of website visits, website conversions and engagement with prospects via the long-term communications plan.
  • Search Engine Marketing –  as soon as the new UK website was live, this was backed by an extensive search engine marketing plan utilising both organic and paid search opportunities.
  • UK Specific Brochures and Direct Mail – drawing on the rich UK information on the website and from the UK communications plan, we worked with the sales team to design and create UK specific sales and marketing collateral, including a ‘leave behind’ sales brochure and a direct mail postcard.
  • Automated Marketing – as the lead flow had increased sixfold, Results Corporation recommended that ETGL invest in the Infusionsoft Automated Marketing and CRM software. ETGL subsequently took the decision to implement Infusionsoft. The team at Results Corporation created and implemented the Automated Marketing campaigns and sequences that ETGL now use to follow up on new prospects.
  • Making it Happen – ETGL asked Results Corporation to design, create and operate their iCabbi Marketing Machine, taking advantage of our ‘Created and Operated for You’ service. With no in-house marketing team, they wanted to use Results Corporation to execute the Marketing Machine to enable them to fully exploit the opportunity for iCabbi to thrive in the UK market.

The Results Corporation team plan, execute, manage, report on and develop (on an ongoing basis) the Marketing Machine for ETGL, for the marketing and selling of iCabbi within the UK.

This includes managing and updating the UK iCabbi website, developing and executing the search engine marketing lead generation strategy, updating, creating and sending the prospect nurturing communications, regularly reviewing and updating the Marketing Machine strategy and creating regular KPI reports for the ETGL management team.

What Happened Next?

Within a few months of beginning the design, development and implementation of the Marketing Machine system, it started to produce results, with the flow of new leads quickly doubling.

Within weeks of the new website going live and the launch of the search engine marketing plan, the lead flow was given an additional and significant boost.

Once the combined elements of the Marketing Machine had been developed and activated, the flow of new leads for the iCabbi dispatch system increased sixfold – from a starting level of 15 per month to now regularly hitting (and sometimes exceeding) 90 per month.

Today, the Marketing Machine that Results Corporation designed, implemented and still manage for ETGL is driving the penetration of the iCabbi dispatch system into the UK market, and has given ETGL the ability to generate as many new, high quality sales opportunities as their UK sales team need each month.

Powerful Automation…

“Since we have been working with Results Corporation we have benefited greatly from the power of information. I have always misunderstood marketing as just designing adverts etc and never really got involved with the huge array of metrics that are considered and of course delivered.

By using this information I can safely say (I have the data to prove it!) that our sales enquiries have risen both in number and quality. All driven by a superb website that is managed and driven by your company so I don’t have the headache. The automation provided is superb.”

Stephen Hunt
Exel Technology Group Limited

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