Barnet Window Company Case Study

A family business, Barnet Window Company operates from two locations in Barnet and Welwyn Garden City, and are suppliers and installers of high quality replacement windows, conservatories and doors.


In 2004, John Rose the owner of the Barnet Window company discovered Results Corporation through a business seminar that he attended, hosted by a leading industry supplier – a company called Masterframe.

At the suggestion of (and with some support from) Masterframe, John invited Results Corporation to complete an analysis of his marketing.

On successful completion of the analysis, it became apparent that Barnet Window Company had some significant change to make to the marketing, advertising and sales approach that the business was taking. John quickly recognised that these opportunities, when applied, could take his business to a whole new level of growth, profitability and sustainability.

What happened next has continued to drive the growth and profitability of Barnet Window Company ever since, with all the strategies developed and implemented over 2005, 2006 and beyond, still working hard year after year to deliver industry beating results to this day…

Barnet Window Company Marketing Machine

Following that initial analysis, Results Corporation worked with John and Tommy Rose (John’s son) to create, implement, test and measure a whole series of marketing, advertising and sales strategies.

Over the following couple of years, these came together to form an incredibly effective (and long lived – it still works just as well today) Marketing Machine for Barnet Window Company.

This included…

  • A Marketing Machine Strategy – together we developed and implemented a series of tightly interconnected strategies – that impacted on every step of the customer experience from initial lead, to how the telephone was answered and enquires responded to, to first visit, proposal, follow up and client nurturing.
  • KPI Measurement System – recognising the need for hard data early on, John and his team worked hard to collect, record and measure the results from all marketing, advertising and sales activities. A key element of a Marketing Machine, this approach has enabled evidence-based decisions to be made at every stage of the process – to identify winners, eliminate failing strategies and fix underperforming elements.
  • Pricing Strategy – a key element of a highly profitable Marketing Machine is having the ability to ‘charge what you’re worth’ AND win more new customers in the process. John and his team embraced this concept, eliminated discounting from their business and as a result have some of the healthiest margins in their industry today, while achieving outstanding conversion rates.
  • Lead Handling – recognising the value of a lead, and how important it is to respond quickly, professionally and in a way that sets the tone for all the following interactions, John and his team significantly changed the way they answer the telephone, respond to emails and handle all leads. The Results Corporation mindset and approach was fully adopted by the entire team, with significant impact on subsequent conversion rates and margins.
  • Sales and Quoting – with a completely new approach to ‘quotes’ (the first action was to ban the word “quote” from the business) and how sales visits were conducted, Barnet Window Company gained a highly effective tool to combat stiff price competition, enabling them to sell at full price – with some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.
  • Reputation – John and his team developed a set of “Our Commitment to You” standards very early in the process of creating their Marketing Machine. These performance standards drive the way each person in the company works and have been at the heart of the success of Barnet Window company. Today the business enjoys outstanding review results with a 100% 5-star rating on Google reviews and an average of 4.8/5 on Which Local, at the time of writing.
  • Prospect Nurturing – working with Results Corporation, Barnet Window Company set about building and maintaining a database of customers. Staying in touch with these customers has consistently driven high levels of repeat business and referral – often at what are traditionally the quietest times of the year, turning these ‘low’ months into some of the busiest of the year for Barnet Window Company. This approach has contributed many hundreds of thousands of additional business.
  • Online Marketing – today Barnet Window Company (a now much larger business) continues to work with Results Corporation on further developing the Marketing Machine to include more online marketing opportunities for lead generation, prospect nurturing and client nurturing. This also includes using automated marketing systems to automate and streamline some of the key processes.
  • Making it Happen – Barnet Window Company have worked with Results Corporation on our design and support programme to create their Marketing Machine. This has been a truly successful collaboration with the Barnet Window Company creating an incredibly effective (and long lived) Marketing Machine with the active guidance and support of Results Corporation. A collaboration which continues to thrive to this day.

What Happened Next?

In the years since Barnet Window Company adopted the Results Corporation Marketing Machine philosophy, mindset and approach the business has thrived – posting significant year on year growth, year in year out (even through the teeth of the financial crisis), with ever improving margins and profitability.

Today the Company (still a family business) has expanded into new areas, has a new operations base and continues to develop and expand their product ranges.

A Results-Driven Marketing Plan

“We’ve taken their proven approach to marketing and built it into everything we do – from our website and AdWords marketing to our sales letters, brochures and customer nurturing systems – and it continues to deliver results even today. It’s great to work with a marketing company that’s focused on measurable results rather than just glossy ads and ‘getting our name out there.'”
Tommy Rose
Barnet Window Company

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