FREE 1-Hour 15 minute “Marketing MOT” Worth £275.00…

Find the hidden profits in your business!

With our experience, expertise and a very powerful process we are able to help business owners, CEO’s and managers see their business through new eyes – and spot opportunities to get much better results.

Often, this includes opportunities to cut costs (by identifying wasted marketing, advertising or sales expenditure) as well as exciting, fast acting and low cost opportunities for improving results and returns.

This is your opportunity to put your business through the process – for free in this focussed, hard-hitting telephone analysis.

To apply for your free Marketing MOT (valued at £275.00) send us an email now with your contact details, and your answers to these 5 questions:

  • What does your business “do”?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Approximately what is your annual turnover?
  • Is your business growing right now?
  • What is the biggest challenge you face today?

You’re invited to apply for a Marketing MOT, valued at £275.00, but free when you respond to this invitation. Simply send us an email now with your contact details, and an overview of your business, and we’ll get straight back to you.

Of course, if you like what you hear during the MOT and you’re excited at the prospect of growing your sales and profits, then we’ll let you know how we could work together to help you get better results – profitably.

The Marketing MOT is designed to…

  • Identify your best opportunities to achieve your objectives – the opportunities sitting in your business right now.
  • Give you “low cost or no cost” hands on, practical ideas you’ll be able to implement in your business immediately – ideas that are the best and most appropriate for your business.
  • Identify opportunities to cut wasted money, and to invest it in profitable marketing which gives you a proven return and a path to higher profits.

To apply or to get more information, simply send us an email now with your contact details, and your answers to those 5 questions.

Imagine spending an hour or more with a highly skilled and experienced business growth expert – putting your business under the microscope to identify your best opportunities for growth.

Here is a range of typical comments we hear when business owners spend an hour or so on the telephone going through our powerful Marketing MOT…

The best hour I’ve spent on my business all year

So many opportunities sitting right under our nose

I never looked at my business that way before

Now I can see where we have been going wrong

I always thought this business could make more profit – now I can see how

We’ve been wasting a small fortune on our marketing – not any more

Now is the time to discover new ways for you and your business to compete, win and thrive in 2014, so apply today!

I have discovered the potential of my company…

“Many of the things I’ve learned I would not have considered before. I am now more confident about our future as I now believe we have an edge over our competition. Our sales have improved and we now understand the value of a good customer”.
David Lawrence, Lawrence Cleaning Services

Request your free Marketing MOT here…

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