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Could poor website navigation structure be costing you dearly?

At one of our Ultimate Marketing Seminars one of our guest speakers, SEO expert and trainer Joe Williams, took us through an aspect of website SEO that very few people appreciate. As a result they inadvertently create their website with in-built SEO failure mechanisms. So, I have asked Joe if we could cover that material in our blog. With Joe’s... Read more

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Is Ugly Better? Why a Direct Response Website is actually a thing of Beauty…

By Haydn Rowe Creating a website can often be an extraordinarily confusing process. Everyone gets to have a say (it seems) and often what looks good gets picked over what “works good.” The result is painful – a good looking website, often with decent (even high) levels of traffic – but NO leads, NO prospects and NO new database contacts.... Read more

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How to convert website traffic

By Haydn Rowe Usually when we first review a website, we notice that the site has lots of traffic, but little conversion. In this situation (unless you are developing a new website from scratch), often the fastest and easiest way to improve results is to focus on conversion techniques first, and creating more traffic later. A Conversion occurs when a... Read more

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