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Welcome to new and exciting ways to grow your business!

Results Corporation was established (as The Results Corporation) in the 1980’s in Australia by Chris Newton and Paul Dunn.

Together Chris and Paul created a business renowned and respected at first in Australia, and then around the globe, for highly effective, yet common sense, ways to achieve high business growth and highly profitable marketing strategies.

Results Corporation was established in the UK in 1996 and serves clients in Europe under licence from Results Corporation in Australia.

Since 1996 Results Corporation has worked with thousands of SME businesses all over the UK and with highly respected organisations such as Lloyds TSB Business Banking, Grant Thornton, Sage, Barclays Business Banking, Institute of Directors, Abbey Business Banking, The Academy for Chief Executives, Business Money Magazine, University College London, Lloyds TSB Private Banking, The Business Club and Business Link.

Results Corporation has distilled two decades of “hands-on” experience and research into a process that enables you to cost effectively implement strategies and techniques for … lead generation, sales processes, client retention, customer service and client development … all designed to give you a huge advantage over your competitors, whatever your industry or business size.

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Here’s how it could work for you…

You’ll find when we sit with you to explore the possibilities in your business or practice, we employ a precise and disciplined approach that is fully measurable and completely accountable.

Step One: Diagnosis

Before we “prescribe”, we perform a thorough diagnostic check on your existing sales and marketing processes, your methods and techniques, so you and we get a precise understanding of the potential that exists in your business.

We discuss the objectives you have for your business, and quantify and document any potential threats or obstacles to achieving your objectives. Interestingly, as we put your business under the microscope, what we do and how we do it to achieve your objectives, goals and dreams, will become very clear to you.

We’ve learned over the years that astute business people don’t want to be “told” how good we are, but they are quick to grasp the potential of what we do, as it unfolds in front of them.

Step Two: Prescription

Prescription is next. We’ll map out for you precisely you’ll need to put in place to give you the best chance of maximising the results you achieve in your business.

Step Three: Solutions

Every business is different. The solutions that are right for you, your business, where you are on your growth curve, and your objectives, will typically fall into one or more of the following areas:

1. Marketing Help Online – Possibly the world’s most advanced
business development toolkit.

2. Business Builder Programme – In addition, our support
service offers you support, practical advice and help, a full
critiquing service so you can have all your important marketing
pieces reviewed and fine tuned, to help you achieve your objectives.

3. Seminars & Workshops – You will have the opportunity to attend
any (or all) of a series of specialist workshops and seminars, which
help you with the specific areas that need to be addressed.

4. Coaching Programme – At this level of involvement, we dedicate
a Results Corporation Coach to work with you and your
team, in your office and by phone and email. Your Coach will
brainstorm with you, be your “devil’s advocate”, challenge, cajole,
motivate, schedule agreed tasks, set the action plans with you,
and keep you on track! Again, this is extraordinarily cost effective.

Every month, you’ll receive a visit from a senior Results Corporation

  • Someone who has first hand experience of what you need to multiply your results and grow your business
  • Someone who is successful at helping you with writing ads, sales letters, brochures and other marketing pieces
  • Someone who can deliver a customised learning experience for you and your team so that you get what you need for your business, when you need it
  • Someone who can critique your work and keep you on track and focused on your objectives.

5. Design & Special Projects – This is where Results Corporation works with you to actually create and implement the strategies, ideas, techniques and processes we’ve identified together. It’s akin to having an advertising and marketing copywriter, web developer, graphic designer and marketing strategist on your staff … without the overhead, and with a vastly broader “life experience” than any one individual could bring to the equation.

Step Four: Implementation

Once the diagnostic process and prescriptive stages are complete, we focus on implementation.

Working with Results Corporation in these four straightforward steps, provides you with all the tools and practical skills you need to ensure that your sales and marketing activities are directly linked to your objectives, that you have the support to implement the strategies effectively and quickly, and that you realise greater profits.

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