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All This Happens in Under 10 Seconds?

One thing that amazed me about the Olympics in 2012 (remember that?) was the expert commentary on the 100m sprint. For me, the fascinating thing was reading and hearing of experts breaking down an event that seems to happen in a flash (9.63 seconds for Usain Bolt’s 100m final winning run) into distinct component parts. Now I’m no expert, but... Read more

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You May Think Emails are Boring – But Here’s Why They Could Make You a Lot of Money…

The exciting things to be running with today are usually social – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. But our new research is sobering. And a timely reality check. Yes social media is exciting, and for some niche markets IT IS lucrative, and it will become increasingly important in the future (especially Google+). However, the number one rule... Read more

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