How to use Email Marketing to Generate Millions from your Lists and Why Most Businesses Completely Screw it Up…

Email broadcasting gives you the ability to generate millions in sales revenue from your customer and prospect lists – and even from your “failed” lists (old clients, unconverted prospects).

Yet most businesses completely FAIL to maximise the rate at which they monetise their lists because the either don’t use Email Marketing as the engine, or they get it wrong.

Either way – it’s costly. Very costly.

In our blog today we explore the 7 Biggest Mistakes that most business make with Email Marketing…

1. No Strategy – when you consider just how valuable your lists are (they should be generating a high percentage of your current and future revenue) it is appalling that most businesses fail to create a strategy, to create a Communications Plan.

Nowhere does the old maxim ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail‘ apply more than to your Email Marketing.

2. Wrong Balance – one of the biggest sins (and symptoms) of a business with no strategy is that the balance of the types of emails that they send is completely wrong.

This can mean that all they ever do is pump out sales emails (which eventually turn off the list, fail to educate, add value and inspire) or at the opposite end of the spectrum they send out great articles (that do educate, add value and inspire) but never ask for an action or an order.

Like a successful commercial TV channel, the balance should include great content (articles, videos, information) AND effective Ads (your sales emails). Get the balance right and the money flows!

3. Poor Quality Content – Ouch! This is the path to a slow and painful death for your Email Marketing. You’ve done the hard bit, you’ve created an opt-in subscriber, an enquiry, a newsletter sign up and you may even have a decent strategy and plan.

But then you send them a hum drum, boring series of “me-too” emails. Emails with recycled news, boring facts, amusing but irrelevant anecdotes, links to other people’s great material OR worst of all, news about your company – new staff, new clients, new vans, new locations.

So BORING! But so common. Don’t talk about yourself – directly address the needs, issues, requirements, aspirations and hopes of your clients and prospects to make your email come to life. Inspire and enthuse them! Impress them!

Your email lists are the life blood of your business – they are made up of your clients, your future clients, your supporters, your referrers. They are your sales revenue, your profits and the VALUE of your business.

They deserve your best. Your best articles, your best information, your most inspiring material, your most valuable intellectual property and knowledge, your best offers, your best events – and your best writing.

4. Not Active Enough – you don’t communicate with your list anywhere near often enough because you fear “upsetting” or “annoying” your list. Upset and annoyance are caused primarily through poor “balance” and “poor content”.

If your emails educate, problem solve, inspire and meet the needs and aspirations of your lists – then you can go as often as you have something educational, inspiring, helpful and valuable to say.

That could be once a month, once a week or even once a day! It could be 3 times this month and once next month. When you have something to say that is relevant and of high quality then GO! If you don’t, then wait until you do!

5. Making Readers Click to get the Full Article – this generally is madness. You write a great article, you give some great information, you have an excellent offer, but then you just include a “teaser” in the email, and then ask the reader to click to get the full article!

This is a massive interruption to the reader, it is asking them to make a decision to do something within moments of them starting to engage with your content – and most often they elect to do nothing and your fabulous message is wasted. Even worse they click and their connection is slow or non-existent (on a train or plane) – you’ve blown it.

Don’t be afraid to put it all in the actual email AND don’t create links to the “full article”.

6. No Call to Action – so it’s a big mistake to link to the rest of the article or content, but it’s also a big mistake not include a “call to action”, or even multiple call to actions.

You can link to your special offers, your Packaged Information offer, your “contact us” page, your shop and you can (and should) also include direct call to action in your email with an invitation to email, to phone or to “request”.

7. No Testing – your subscribers, clients and prospects will help you get your emails right – but only if you enlist their help. You do that by testing.

You can test your subject lines, headlines, call to action elements, length of copy, time of day, day of week – and when you do your recipients will help you to understand how to make your Email Marketing super effective.

And they’ll help you understand exactly what you need to do to maximise the revenue from your Email Marketing.

They’ll teach you how to “monetise” your lists.

The Key to ‘Monetising’ Your Lists…

  • Today, it can take as many as 5, 8, 10 even 20 (high quality) touches before prospects are ready to buy.
  • Intelligently stay in touch with all your contacts (lists) with high quality information – to add value, to educate, to inspire and to sell. Remind them that you are around and more importantly, what makes you ‘special’.
  • Use the MFR rule – the people most likely to spend more with you tomorrow are those who have spent the Most, most Recently and most Frequently.
  • Integrate the “forgotten” art of growing, nurturing and gaining market “pre-eminence” (you become the prospects first choice before they even seriously engage with your sales team) with your lists.

How to ‘Monetise’ Your Lists

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