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website-development-teamBy Haydn Rowe

Very often these days you will come across individuals, such as a graphic designer or a web developer, who will offer to design, build and maybe even populate and optimise you a website.

However it is highly unlikely that one person alone has the full skill set required to create the right website for your business – the reality is that each person is best at their primary skill or discipline.

Whilst someone will need to lead the project and programme (it should be an ongoing process) you will usually need to create a team of people with key skills.

To create a highly profitable website your team needs to be made up of professionals with the following skills and expertise…

  • Marketing Strategy – this could be you, or someone who understands the ‘big picture’ in terms of your objectives, strategy and integration with your offline marketing. This person is usually the ideal person to lead and direct the website development team.

  • Search Engine Marketing – this person will be a key player on your team. If generating high levels of traffic is important to the success of your strategy then they should be involved early on in your planning process. They should influence the strategy, structure, contact and copy of your site and will also want to oversee the work of the website developer (to ensure that coding is search engine friendly) and the graphic designer (to ensure that all relevant content is searchable).

  • Copy Writer – words are critical to persuading your website visitors to stay, read and take action on your website. A skilled copywriter is essential to creating high quality content, which is the key to a great website. They will also play an important role in implementing the Search Engine Marketing SEO plan and strategy. Their work will have profound implications for the success of your website.

  • Graphic Designer – your graphic designer’s job is to ensure that the look of your website is appropriate and fit for purpose. They will need to understand your objectives, your target market, and your strategy, and then with you decide how best to present your content and copy to your target market.

  • Website Developer – your website developer has the technical skills to take the structure, content and graphic designs, and turn them into a fully functioning website that provides visitors, search engines and the website owner with a great experience.

We strongly recommend working with a team of genuinely skilled people, under the firm leadership of someone who understands marketing, including online marketing.

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