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Case Studies

Results Corporation have successfully worked with many companies creating marketing systems that have brought profitable results to their businesses. Here are just a few examples:

1. Totem Training - within the first 6 months of working with this management training and coaching company the results came in quick. The number of enquires the company received increased resultsing in over 6000 worth of increased sales. Take a look at the full story to see how it was done...

 Vibralife Fitness Clinic  - the work we have done together with this new fitness centre in Carlisle has quickly generated enquiries and an increase in membership, giving them the confidence to look at opening new centres.

An initial flyer distribution to just 5,000 households generated 3,631 a year in membership. You can see the full story here...

 White Swan Inn - we have worked with the White Swan Inn, Pickering, for a number of years and have created a Marketing System which has boost occupancy by 25% and increase turnover by 24.5%.

Strategies have included a client nurturing and referral direct mail strategy, a restaurant redesign with a restaurant direct mail campaign, staff incentives and an increase in room rates with special offers. Read more about this case study...

If you would like to find out how we can help you get better results from your business, you can contact us now through this website or phone us on 01536 747 310.

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