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A Small Thank You in Business Goes a Long Way

By Elaine Wymant

Sometimes all you need to do to re-energise current clients and win back old clients is to give a simple thank you.

On the advice of Results Corporation, web developers Polar Communications Ltd sent thank you cards and a thank you gift to a list of clients, and the response was phenomenal.

Here is a copy of the card and message...

Company Director Sue Coppolaro noted that one of their clients who they had been really struggling to get in contact with for about a year suddenly contacted them to set up a meeting.

I used to call him regularly but never manage to talk to him directly. After we sent out the thank you cards, he just contacted us out-of-the-blue to discuss optimising his website.

In that meeting we agreed to a much higher level of optimisation for his website, and he even said he wanted us to create an additional website for another company he has set up. If it all goes ahead the revenue from both of these projects will be around 3K. I don't think the timing of this call was a coincidence.

And that is just one of many success stories that Polar Communication put down to the thank you card campaign.

Having been successful for 10 years, Polar had fallen in to the trap of not acknowledging clients, and loyalty had begun to drop off. Polar do an outstanding job that wins them numerous testimonials, but by not communicating with their client base on a regular basis they were not maximising their potential.

After working with Results Corporation, Sue and Gennaro began to understand the importance of keeping in touch long-term with their clients.

You see, the most profitable and easiest clients to sell to are your current clients who you already have a relationship with. In fact, statistics show us that it is 5 to 7 times cheaper to sell to an existing client than it is to win over a new client.

The reality is your clients choose to work with you for a handful of reasons...

Because they have developed a relationship with you, and they like you
You give them what they require
You remove or minimise their fears, frustrations and deliver to their needs and wants
You give them the deal they are looking for
But that is not enough to keep them. You need regular contact.

The biggest reason existing customers leave you for a competitor is because they perceive that you are "indifferent" to them and their business - they don't think it matters to you where they buy from next time.

Table 1. Reasons why customers take their business elsewhere

1% Died
3% Move Away
5% Influenced Away
9% Better Deal
14% Unresolved Conflict

32% Leave for one of the above reasons

68% leave because of "Perceived Indifference" - they don't think it matters to you where they buy from next time.

And this is where saying thank you really has its power. It makes customers feel wanted and valued, and minimises the perception that they are just another customer.

Armed with this information, Polar Communications asked Results Corporation to help them to write a thank you card and Sue organised the list of clients and printing of the cards.

In addition to the thank you cards, Polar Communications "gifted" some "online training" cards that allow users to have a years access to one of hundreds of courses online. These cards were simple but were a great touch, and they encouraged clients to test out one of the courses that they otherwise may never have considered.

How much did it cost Polar Communications Ltd? 112!

A small price to pay for creating repeat purchases and loyal customers Im sure youd agree.

So whatever you are doing in your business today, take the opportunity to just say thank you to your customers. It will let them know you appreciate their business, and you may even make some life-long clients out of this simple gesture.

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